Congratulations! You're a human being.

All of us struggle with addiction in some form or another, whether it is addiction to a chemical substance, addiction to unhealthy behavior, addiction to abusive relationships, or addiction to self-defeating thoughts.

Don't give up hope! Life may feel impossible or overwhelming now, but there is a way out, and there is help. On the other side of this is a life filled with joy, meaning, and purpose.

  • Recovery from addiction is like turning a light on in a dark room. The things you see once you turn the light on can be terrifying, but once you have seen the monsters, you can begin the work of kicking them out of your way as you climb into the light.  We understand how terrifying this process is, and we will be there to support you.

  • When your life is exquisitely full of healthy practices, nourishing relationships, and daily action in service to your values,  addiction has no place to root and grow.

  • For this reason, the Expressive Arts approach to recovery is all about building a map of the life that you desire. We will listen carefully to what you want for your relationships, health, personal growth, family, career, and spirituality, and we will help you learn and practice the tools necessary to get there. These tools will help you handle overpowering emotions, stressful situations, triggering memories, and other mental and physical problems that accompany the experience of addiction.

  • For many of us, addiction started as a solution to other problems. During our time together we will address not only the addiction, but also those underlying problems that feed and trigger it. We will work together to create solutions that keep you healthy in the long-term and moving toward the life that you long for.