"Life feels so empty that I really can't see the point in going on."

                 "Right now, the only thing my heart feels capable of is pain."

    "If I could I would stay in bed all day. I just can't face anything or anyone."

When we are in pain, it is so hard to believe that it will ever end.

We might wish it were different, but grief and loss are a natural part of the human experience.

The only way out is through---and there IS a way through.

We can hold a space for you to experience your pain and grief cleanly---without all of the additional suffering of self-judgment, stagnation, and self-sabotage.

The light at the end of the tunnel is a life in which you have learned from your losses. You can emerge from your grief stronger, wiser, and more true to yourself.

We want to help. Schedule a free introductory session with us and tell us what's on your heart. If we aren't the right fit to help you through this, we'll help you find someone who is.