Maeve Hendrix  LPCA, NCC, RYT


Offering a warm, compassionate presence, I hold a safe space for sharing and therapeutic processing. I provide Body-Centered Therapy in the form of guided meditation and body sensing experiences that are based on mindfulness practices and supported by neuroscience research. I also employ Expressive Arts Therapy, which can include writing, visual arts, movement, music and other forms of expression. Expressive Arts Therapy is based on the principle that creative expression fosters healing and personal growth. Through these methods, I will work closely with you to explore mindfulness based practices that feel authentic for you to integrate into your daily life.  We will work together to discover your innate source of deep wisdom, deepen your resilience towards all of life's challenges, and celebrate your empowerment process as it unfolds.

I offer individual, couples and group therapy to heal, honor and process grief, anxiety, depression, and relationship struggles.  Body-centered Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy are unique, effective modalities in how they offer an opportunity to approach emotional pain, stuckness, and destructive habitual patterns from new perspectives, by activating new neural networks in the brain and discovering the intrinsic intelligence of the body. 

I hold a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Appalachian State University and am certified as a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate. Additionally, I have a Certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy with a Concentration in Body-Centered Therapy.  I am currently practicing under a provisional license titled, Professional Counselor-Associate (LPCA) in the state of North Carolina.  This means that I am under supervision as a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in North Carolina.  In order to obtain full licensure as an LPC, my counseling services will be supervised.  I am working under the supervision of Pamela Mills, LPCS.