"My wheels are constantly spinning. My life is out of control."

      "Sometimes I am so worried about everything going on in the world that I can't breathe."

               "I'm so busy trying to stay ahead of what's next that I feel like I'm missing the good stuff."

Behind every action we take and every choice we make is the desire for a joyful, healthy, meaningful life.  

But what if the very process of fighting for peace of mind robs us of it?

What if the stress we take on in pursuit of our goals prevents us from ever achieving them?

We cannot solve problems from the same mindset that created them. When we try to "fix" stress and anxiety, we create more stress and anxiety!

We'd like to help you try something new.

You can train your body and mind to respond differently to stress, and you can learn new ways of understanding and handling anxiety.

We can teach you how to step off of the fight-or-flight treadmill and access a place of calm.

Schedule a free introductory session to see how counseling can bring a sense of joy, freedom, and calm into your life. If we are not the right fit for you, we will help you find someone who is.