Kind Words about our offerings

It can be scary to walk into a workshop or retreat, hopeful, yet unsure of what to expect. Here is some feedback past workshop and retreat participants have shared with us. 


"Amazing, genuine, talented facilitators. Very dynamic and diverse programming. It exceeded my expectations! Powerful, extraordinarily so."

-Maggie Welder 


"This was pretty magical and life-changing for one workshop! The most powerful part was the sharing of stories. Lissa and Maeve worked so well together, and everything flowed beautifully. And the ending circle was beyond amazing—a jewel to savor and take into my life."   

-Sherry Lundquist


"You two were truly amazing. Your activities were A+. Your instruction direct and thoughtful. And your presence and care unwavering. The entire event was incredibly well curated and executed, and the subsequent outcomes deliver high value to my life. Wild applause!!!"

-Jan Wencel


"I would like more experiences like this! When are we doing it again? Looking at life through this lens of love and being raised up by a powerful community is soul-food."

-Kat Bujard


"Any time I set intention around taking time and space to care for myself and listen to what the universe is offering/has to teach me, I always come away with the realization that I desire to continue to weave this into my life more and more. This time has supported that knowing and encouraged me to allow it to unfold and flourish in my every day." 

- A.C.

"This retreat was like a brief but deeply felt therapy session and a boost to my personal growth. This open-hearted sharing allowed me to open, heal, cleanse, and even shake off some “stuff” I’ve been struggling with but challenged to identify. Also—amazing food! Thank you and much gratitude!" 

-Ashley Wilberding


"This retreat gave me a facilitated opportunity to reflect, slow down, and process the life events that led me here. Lots of personal growth among a group of warriors on their own journeys. Thank you both for the time and attention you invested into this retreat. Your authenticity provided me with a safe and creative space to slow down enough to listen and process."  

-Chloe DeCamera