Lissa Carter, NCC, LPC, LCAS


Welcome~ I am so glad you found your way here!

I have spent my life learning skills that help people build resilient, meaningful lives in the face of trauma, relationship issues, addiction, depression, grief, and pain. I have also spent my life learning to honor the grief, anger and pain that make us human, rather than trying to “fix” them or you. Turns out, we’re not broken!—just incredibly complex and constantly evolving.

It is an honor for me to create a safe, confidential space in which you can speak all of the things you've been afraid to say out loud. I will listen carefully, and teach you skills and practices that will loosen the grip these painful thoughts and memories hold on your mind. This frees up space to implement new thoughts and behaviors that are more in line with who you want to be as a person. Together, we will create a way forward to the meaningful, empowered life that you envision.

I know that it is incredibly difficult to speak with a complete stranger about what is weighing on your heart and mind. I will do everything I can to ensure that you feel safe and heard. The first consultation with me is always free so that you can get a feel for how we work together before committing your money and time. 

I use the research-based modalities of ACT and Expressive Arts. In our sessions we can incorporate therapeutic movement and art-making in addition to talk therapy to access new sources of information and healing. This modality is uniquely suited to safe exploration of trauma, abuse, addiction, and grief.

I am also trained in EMDR, a modality that is  empirically effective in resolving single-incident traumas.

In addition to the above issues, I take great delight in helping people who feel stuck or stagnant learn skills for creating positive changes in their lives. I have a great deal of experience in facilitating recovery from difficult and traumatic relationships and in assisting people with the role changes associated with becoming a parent.

Healing is an inward journey, but it thrives in community. My practice also offers workshops, retreats, and classes for those who prefer to learn, laugh, and heal in community. You can see our current offerings here. 

 I am a Nationally Certified Counselor, a licensed clinical addictions specialist, and a licensed professional counselor. I hold a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Graduate Certificates in Expressive Arts Therapy and Addictions Counseling, and a Permaculture Design certificate.

I’d love to hear a little more about you and what is going on in your life.