21 Days of Turning Inward: Day Five

Welcome to day five of our winter solstice journey!


*In the interest of time and simplicity, I have decided to stop transcribing the audio. Please do comment and let me know if the transcription was important for you, and I'll add it back in. 

After you've listened to the audio, take some time to commit to the action you chose. Write it down, set an alert, or even just do it right now!

Here are some ideas, if you feel stuck:

If your word was joy, perhaps you can text a friend a link to a video that always makes you laugh.

If your word was abundance, maybe you can anonymously pay for someone's coffee, or send a care package to a friend.

If your word was freedom, perhaps you can call a friend with a baby or child and offer to give them the afternoon off. 

If your word was love, perhaps you could send a postcard of gratitude to someone who changed your life. 

As always, feel free to email me or comment below if you have any questions or want to share your experience.

Here's the link to the retreat.


Red Brocade

Naomi Shihab Nye, 1952

The Arabs used to say,
When a stranger appears at your door,
feed him for three days
before asking who he is,
where he’s come from,
where he’s headed.
That way, he’ll have strength
enough to answer.
Or, by then you’ll be
such good friends
you don’t care.
Let’s go back to that.
Rice? Pine nuts?
Here, take the red brocade pillow.
My child will serve water
to your horse.
No, I was not busy when you came!
I was not preparing to be busy.
That’s the armor everyone put on
to pretend they had a purpose
in the world.
I refuse to be claimed.
Your plate is waiting.
We will snip fresh mint
into your tea.

See you tomorrow!